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Pre-Loved Electric Bikes

Interceptor 26" MAG Classic Neon Blue #7840, 500w, 15Ah

Interceptor 26" MAG Classic Neon Blue #7840, 500w, 15Ah

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~ 722 Miles Contact Us for An Exact Reading

About the Bike



Custom Pedego Twist-and-Go Throttle with color LED assist indicator for maximum safety.

LCD Display

An easy to use display features a USB charger for your phone and other devices.

Bright Lights

Integrated front and rear LED lights enhance your safety and convenience.

Balloon Tires

Kevlar belted tires with self-sealing tubes help prevent flats.

Disk Brakes

Powerful hydraulic disk brakes can stop on a dime.

Sturdy Wheels

Choose between double wall wheels with heavy-duty spokes or Mag Wheels for heavier riders.

Rear Rack

A built-in, reinforced rear rack with a spring-loaded clamp fits a variety of bags and baskets.


Pedego’s whisper quiet motor, lightweight battery, and advanced electronics combine to deliver an unparalleled riding experience. You have the freedom to go farther and faster, and to overcome hills and headwinds with ease. 


The most important part of every Pedego is the person riding it.

The first thing you notice when you ride an Interceptor is how comfortable you feel.

You’ll swear it was made just for you – because it was!

Grab a Fantastic Deal on a reliable Electric Bike!

Our  Pre-Loved Electric Pedego bikes come with a remaining 2-year certified manufacturer's warranty & will bring you joy for years to come.


What does the Description mean?

The title describes the Bike Model (Example: Boomerang, Interceptor, Element) then the tire size, color, model number, wattage in the motor, then battery size.


What's the difference?


1. Bike Model-

Differs by Product, Refer to Pictures!


2. Tire Size-

The smaller the number, the shorter the rider. Here's a general sizing guide:

24" ( 4'10" to 5'4" )

26" St ( 5'4" and up )

26" ( 5'8" and up )

Element bikes ( 4'10" to 6'0" )



Varies by Model as well, refer to Pictures!


Model Number-

Our way of distinguishing that particular bike.


Motor Wattage-

The higher the number the more powerful the motor will be, here's a general description of each motor and it's effect on performance for your reference.

The 250-watt motor is suitable for those who require a boost on flat terrains or small hills. It offers a smooth riding experience, enhancing pedaling effort while maintaining a modest top speed. Ideal for daily commutes and leisure rides.

Stepping up to a 350-watt motor provides a noticeable improvement in power, tackling moderate hills with ease. It strikes a balance between performance and efficiency, making it a suitable choice for longer commutes or more challenging terrains.

The 500-watt motor is a robust choice for those who anticipate facing steeper hills or carrying heavier loads. It provides a stronger push, achieving higher speeds and overcoming challenging terrains with less effort from the rider.

The 749-watt motor is at the higher end of the e-bike motor spectrum, delivering powerful propulsion that makes tackling steep inclines and rough terrains effortlessly. Ideal for adventurous riders, this motor offers high-speed performance and the ability to conquer challenging landscapes with ease.

Battery Size-


10.4 Ah-
The 10.4 Ah battery is a standard choice for casual riders and short to medium distances. It provides a decent amount of energy storage, ensuring a reliable performance for daily commuting or leisure rides.

15 Ah-
A 15 Ah battery extends the ride significantly, allowing for longer adventures or extended commutes. It holds a larger amount of energy, offering a more enduring performance and the ability to cover greater distances without worrying about running out of power.

17.5 Ah-
The 17.5 Ah battery is among the higher capacity options, catering to serious riders who cover long distances or face demanding terrains. With a substantial amount of energy storage, this battery size ensures a powerful and sustained performance, making every ride a breeze regardless of the journey's length or difficulty.

General Rule of Thumb for Range:
A general rule of thumb is that a higher amp-hour (Ah) rating will provide a longer range, as it indicates a larger energy storage capacity. However, the actual range of an e-bike also depends on other factors such as the motor's efficiency, the rider's weight, the terrain, and the level of pedal assist used. Typically, a 10.4 Ah battery might offer a range of 20-40 miles, a 15 Ah battery could provide 30-60 miles, and a 17.5 Ah battery might extend the range to 35-70 miles, though these are rough estimates and can vary based on the aforementioned factors.


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Frequently Asked Questions

Why has the bike been discounted?

We simply have too many fleet bikes! Our Pre-Loved Bikes are professionally maintained and serviced by our mechanics on a weekly basis. Some models may have some scratches and other cosmetic wear, however they come with a minimum 2 year full warranty so you can rest assured that your new Electric Bike will bring you joy for many years to come!

Can I see the bike in person?

Absolutely! Set up an appointment by emailing us. Otherwise, drop by our store at 2106 Sunset Dr, Pacific Grove, CA 93950. Calling ahead is advised due to changing availability.

What is the mileage on this bike?

The Interceptor 26" MAG Classic Neon Blue #7840, 500w, 15Ah has ~ 722 Miles on it's odometer. This number is subject to change depending on usage. Please contact us if you wish to get an exact reading.

How can I see more pictures?

Simply drop us a line and one of our team members will follow up with more pictures per your request!