Discover Da Brim - The Select Big Sur Bike Accessory

Discover Da Brim - The Select Big Sur Bike Accessory

Imagine this: you're out rock climbing, biking, or even paddling on a sunny day. The scenery is breathtaking, but the relentless sun is starting to take a toll. This is where Da Brim® comes to the rescue. Born from a rock climbing adventure where founders Teresa and her husband realized the need for better sun protection, Da Brim® offers a simple yet ingenious solution—a detachable, secure-fitting helmet visor that provides much-needed shade while allowing air to circulate through your helmet’s vents.

Perfect for Every Outdoor Activity

Da Brim® is designed to enhance your outdoor experience. It's perfect for a wide range of activities, including snowboarding, skiing, and equestrian sports, ensuring you stay cool and comfortable under the sun.

Versatility and Ease of Use

The beauty of Da Brim® lies in its versatility and ease of use. It fits securely on your helmet, offering shade without compromising safety or ventilation. Plus, it’s easily detachable, making it a convenient accessory for any helmeted activity. With Da Brim®, you can enjoy longer, more comfortable adventures, protected from the sun’s harsh rays. Best part is that one size fits ALL.

Explore the great outdoors with confidence and comfort. Add Da Brim® to your gear and experience the difference a little shade can make. Your next adventure awaits—make sure you're prepared with Da Brim®!

Ready to enhance your outdoor activities? Shop Da Brim® now and stay cool under the sun!

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